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  • Ultra 1 HD 40 are low dispersant oils and allow the suspended matter to drop harmlessly into sump.
  • Ultra 1 HD 40 also have enhanced anti-foam properties ensuring optimized performance in diesel engines.
  • High viscosity prevents oil from leaking.
  • Minimizes engine noise.
  • Provides outstanding anti-wear/anti-scuffing protection for engines operating under mild service condition.
  • Excellent option for vintage car lubricant and air cooled application where a mono-grade viscosity is preferred.
  • Reduce internal friction while maintaining their strong lubricating film protection even under the most demanding torque and extreme temperature conditions.

Typical Technical Properties

Physical CharacteristicsTest MethodTypical Value
SAE Grade 40
Specific Gravity at 15C°Kg/LASTM D-40520.89
Kinematic Viscosity , cst  
At 40C° cstASTM D-445160.0
At 100C° cst 15.5
Viscosity IndexASTM D-227098
Flash Point, COC, C°ASTM D-92245
Pour Point, C°ASTM D-97-6
TBN, mgm KOH/gmASTM D-22962.800

Ultra 1 HD 40-SAE 40 API:CC/SC

Ultra 1 HD 40 is a mono-grade diesel engine oil that was formulated from solvent refined mineral base stocks. And contain advanced additives to ensure engine protection in a range petrol and diesel engines operating under a wide range of climatic conditions. Ensures high temperature performance and best starting conditions in summer thicker oil can maintain oil film at high temperature. Ultra 1 motor oil offer complete anti-wear, anti-scuffing protection for even the most demanding of applications such as those presented by break-in of engines with "flat tappet" cams.