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  • High film strength reduces wear and friction, ensuring reliability and long component life.
  • Is recommended for all types of modern vehicles including high performance turbo-charged, super-charged gasoline and diesel multi-valve fuel injected engines found in passenger cars, SUVs, light vans and trucks.
  • It is engine oil is formulated with extra anti-wear additive to provide extra protection for severe service applications.
  • Provides outstanding protection for highly stressed 4-stroke engines in track and other off-road environments.
  • Advanced surface chemistry provides vital protection to pistons and bores, cam lobes and bearings.
  • Excellent shear stability for "stay-in-grade" performance.

Typical Technical Properties

Physical CharacteristicsTest MethodTypical Value
SAE Grade 15W40
Specific Gravity at 15C°Kg/LASTM D-40520.89
Kinematic Viscosity , cst  
At 40C° cstASTM D-445114.00
At 100C° cst 15.10
Viscosity IndexASTM D-2270138.00
Flash Point, COC, C°ASTM D-92225.00
Pour Point, C°ASTM D-97-25.00
TBN, mgm KOH/gmASTM D-229611.4

Ultra 9 SAE 15 W 40 API: CF-4/SG

Ultra 9 diesel engine oils are designed to provide the highest protection, cleanliness and superior drain intervals with the lowest friction for your petrol, diesel, motorcycle or marine engine. It is highly resistant to thermal breakdown. Provides double the detergent and ac id-neutralizing ability of conventional petroleum diesel engine oils for maximum engine cleanliness. Best choice in medium and heavy-duty diesel truck engines when maximum durability is required.  When used at extended drain intervals, it is an excellent value for long-haul, fleet use.