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  • High lubricating power which reduces internal frictions.
  • High film strength available even in severe conditions.
  • Very low detergency does not attach seals. Totally inert towards seal used in the past.
  • SAE 50 viscosity grade adapted to vintage cars.

Typical Technical Properties

Physical CharacteristicsTest MethodTypical Value
SAE Grade 50.00
Specific Gravity at 15C°Kg/LASTM D-40520.90
Kinematic Viscosity , cst  
At 40C° cstASTM D-445200.00
At 100C° cst 18.50
Viscosity IndexASTM D-227096.00
Flash Point, COC, C°ASTM D-92255.00
Pour Point, C°ASTM D-97-9.00

Silk 2500 SAE 50 API: SC/CC

Silk 2500 Motor Oil is a high performance oil specially designed for old technology engines. Suitable for gasoline or diesel engines. Being a non-detergent type of lubricant is important to ensure that the engine oil is changed within specific short period specially for vehicles that operates under mild service conditions.