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  • Delivers excellent low temperature properties versus leading all season competitive products for easier cold start-ups and better equipment protection.
  • Supports winter requirements grades and summer requirement grades. It is especially recommended for gearboxes exposed to temperature extremes and has sufficient low temperature fluidity to perform well in exposed locations giving you extended drain intervals and minimized down time.
  • Recommended for use in all types of enclosed industrial gear drives where an extreme pressure gear oil specified.
  • The low viscosity grades of MAG Industrial Gear Oil are effective wire-rope lubricants.
  • Prevents seizure, scuffing or spalling of gear teeth and bearing surfaces under shock-loaded conditions.
  • Protects copper-containing bearings, bushings, etc., from corrosive attack and prevents over flow from gear boxes and oil reservations.
  • Reduces the possibility of cavitations damage to oil circulating pumps where installed.

Typical Technical Properties

Physical CharacteristicsTest MethodTypical Value
ISO GradeVisual68100150220320460
AppearanceASTM D-1298B&CB&CB&CB&CB&CB&C
Specific Gravity at 60/60FASTM D-4450.8800.8850.890.8940.8980.903
Kinematic Viscosity , cst       
At 40C° cstASTM D-44568.0102150220320460
At 100C° cst 8.51114.518.72430
Viscosity IndexASTM D-2270105104104103101101
Flash Point, COC, C°ASTM D-92210218220222228230
Pour Point, C°ASTM D-97-12-9-8-6-6-6
TAN, mg  KOH/g 0.0180.0180.0180.0180.0180.018

MAG Industrial Gear Oil AP ISO 68, 100, 150, 220, 320, 460

MAG Industrial Gear Lubricants are premium grade, multi-purpose  gear lubricants. They are formulated with a unique extreme pressure additive using an inorganic borate compound. ISO 68, 150, 220, 320 and 460 are formulated with ISO SYN ®  base stocks, MAG Gear Lubricants provide outstanding protection against oxidation, corrosion and rust protection. These products are ideally suited for gear sets exposed to extremely high temperatures and loads. The inorganic borate film is composed of compounds that do not adversely react with metal. The film forms promptly to provide superior gear protection and improved thermal stability. By minimizing friction, cooler operating temperatures have been observed, this results longer gear and lubricant life. They provide excellent wear control even in the presence of small amounts of water.