GP Global MAG LLC develops high-performance lubricants, fluids and coolants.


Case Studies


The Quality Control of GP Global MAG LLC starts from the second any vehicles, being loaded with raw materials, base oil, additives or packages, enters the plant. No vehicle will be offloaded before a full inspection of raw materials has been completed and approved by the quality and laboratory department.  All these raw materials will be stored according to their locations, while raw materials are being offloaded in the tank farm by monitoring the operation through SCADA automated system. Blending production will occur using a production software which provides accuracy and high quality blending lubricants free from leakage and without flashing (= less waste), which reduces our production costs and supports an environmentally friendly production at the same time. Nothing will be filled or delivered before the approval of the laboratory department, therefore we are able to produce all types of specification requirements. The quality control department will monitor the storing and loading, up to the point where the vehicle leaves the plant. This full operation is carried out according to international rules and regulation standards, all local authority requirements (from EHS to Civil Defense) and according to industrial rules and regulations in Dubai which obtains one of the highest standard requirements worldwide.



GP Global MAG LLC laboratory is equipped with fully atomized test analysis instruments for oil & additives and includes a pilot plant to make research and work on new developments. All the equipment is supported by modern methodology software according to American Standard (ASTM ). GP Global MAG LLC is using oil analysis programs to offer services to end-users and other oil companies. Those programs enable us to give complete oil analysis reports and technical advice at all stages. Our technologists keenly monitor the quality of our products at various levels (f.e.: incoming raw material/blending operations, all operations before and after the filling). Our experts consistently work on optimizing the production process and products to create full customer satisfaction and introduce new innovations into the market.



GP Global MAG LLC provides their customers with Lubricants training programs to better understand the Fundamentals of Lubrication, formula, Grades and specifications of lubricants. GP Global MAG LLC provides general introductory technical lubricants courses or specific expert sessions aimed at getting customers qualified to sell our lubricants with professional and technical awareness for items specifications.

GP Global MAG LLC lubricant sales courses are quick, relevant and engaging. They teach the science and art of selling lubricants by combining basic technical skills with solid examples of how to use technical information to sell in real life sales calls.