GP Global MAG LLC develops high-performance lubricants, fluids and coolants.


  • Ultra 5 HD 40-SAR 40 API:CD/SF

    Ultra 5 HD 40 is a high quality solvent refined mono-grade mineral base oil with the addition of a low-treat detergent and dispersant additives. It is specially formulated for moderate conditions. It has good quality alkalinity reserve to neutralize the acidic effect of high sulphur fuel for diesel engines.

  • Ultra 1 HD 40-SAE 40 API:CC/SC

    Ultra 1 HD 40 is a mono-grade diesel engine oil that was formulated from solvent refined mineral base stocks. And contain advanced additives to ensure engine protection in a range petrol and diesel engines operating under a wide range of climatic conditions. Ensures high-temperature performance and best starting conditions in summer thicker oil can maintain oil film at high temperature. Ultra 1 motor oil offer complete anti-wear, anti-scuffing protection for even the most demanding of applications such as those presented by break-in of engines with “flat tappet” cams.