GP Global MAG LLC develops high-performance lubricants, fluids and coolants.


Lubricating cogwheel to connect seamlessly

Lubricating cogwheel to connect seamlessly

GP Global Mag is your go-to solution for all kinds of engineering facets and lubricating needs

GP Global Mag LLC is an emerging market leader in the world of lubricants business. Its commitment to quality, research and development, as well as perfecting the technological edges, has made it an indispensable brand both at home and abroad.


The lubricant major manufactures and distributes a full range of lubricants to more than 60 countries. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in the UAE; with a 30,000 square metre state-of-the-art ISO certified, fully-automated lubricant blending plant in the National Industries Park, with a capacity of 60,000 metric tones per annum, along with a modern technical laboratory.


Mahmoud Al Theraawi, the Founder and CEO of GP Global Mag, rightly says that the challenge to register the success story within a span of 20 years was undertaken with diligence and professionalism.


“We started from scratch, and have risen as an international brand. Today, our products are approved and certified by the biggest and leading car manufacturers worldwide, including luxury sports cars,” the CEO pointed out with a twinkle in his eyes.


The company focuses ardently on automotive and industrial lubricants and enjoys a decisive edge over its competitors. “Our strategy is to further real value. We produce high quality along with the right price for our customers,” Al Theraawi elucidated.


With two offices in Dubai and a host of agents worldwide, GP Global Mag business spans Africa, Middle East and Asia. “We started with two products and today we have more than 60 products. From a mere 500 local manufacturer to an international brand, we have come a long way,” the soft-spoken Syrian entrepreneur observed.



Al Theraawi had a childhood obsession to try his luck in the business of petrochemicals, and that dream came true in the UAE. He moved to the country 30 years ago, and for the last 10 years, he has made a mark for himself internationally in the business of lubricants.


Talking about the evolving trends in the industry, Al Theraawi, said, “We are also seeing a shift in behaviour where earlier it was more of a ‘Choose It For Me’/ ‘Do It For Me’ (CIFM/DIFM) market to more of a ‘Choose It Yourself’ (CIY)/DIFM market and MAG has a good image in terms of quality of products as well as services with our customers.”


“We are also increasing our footprint — recently we tied up with SAMACO Automotive in Saudi Arabia, which is the exclusive dealership and franchise workshop chain of Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, etc.”



Speaking about Expo 2020 Dubai and the opportunity it provides, he said: “Expo 2020 is the most unique platform our region has experienced. The global flow of multi-lateral organizations and tech leaders paves the road for us to unlock development opportunities and re-imagine how we experience the world: Connecting minds, creating the future in action and ensuring a sustainable future for all.”


The CEO added, “The technology evolution in the lubricants category excites me and we are happy to say that MAG is embracing it fast and making products that are extremely relevant to the market. Having the most OEM approvals required to compete is a testament to this.”


“We have a manufacturing plant where we not only produce high-performance lubricants and fluids for our own brands but also cater to several international brands,” he added. The impressive list of productions at GP Global Mag can be compared with any top multinational lubricant brand. It produces automotive engine oil, gear oils, transmission fluids, industrial oils, Railroad engine oils, marine and turbine oils, as well as grease and many byproducts.


While using automatic batch blending, it caters to a broad range of end-users. Likewise, Mag ensures flexibility and efficiency along with guaranteed customer satisfaction as per established international standards.


As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, GP Global Mag is proactively involved in a number of humanitarian gestures, such as its partnership with the Rashid Center for People of Determination; Emirates Association of the Visually Impaired (EAVI); and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum forum for Cultural and Social Understanding; and provides students with laptops and other accessories for distance learning.


Al Theraawi prides himself on his zealous and competent team and places the onus of success on the meticulous decision-making process that the company professionally undertakes. This aspect, especially, has helped the company overcome the tough phase of the pandemic.


He also pointed out that the rise in the world vehicle fleet and increasing motorization rate particularly in Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, are further expected to create an incremental opportunity for automotive lubricants in the aftermarket.


He is all praise for the visionary leaders of the UAE and credits them for acting as a catalyst in making the country a hub for big-ticket businesses. So is the case of GP Global Mag LLC. The lubricant heavy-weight produces and refines the black gold with perfection. It also has storage terminals, articulately deals in logistics to far-off destinations, and last but not least constantly keeps a pace of technological advancements of the lubricant industry.


The maestro of GP Global Mag, in his piece of advice, calls upon the youth to focus on hard work and adopt a clear-cut vision, if they want to make a difference. He underscores competence and resilience for attaining success. “This is how one makes a difference, and builds a better world for others,” he elucidated.


GP Global Mag is geared up to confront the challenges of the future, as its engineering solutions in the sphere of petrochemicals and lubricants are second to none. With its acumen and superb technological base, Al Theraawi sits pretty comfortably to lead from the front.


The petrochemical giant manufactures and distributes a full range of lubricants to over 60 countries.30,000 square metres state-of-the-art ISO-certified, SCADA-automated lubricant blending plant in the National Industries Park. A capacity of 60,000 metric tones per annum, along with a modern laboratory.