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Tanzania Tradeshow 2015

Tanzania Tradeshow 2015

In recent years, East Africa and the CIS are emerging as major export destinations for lubricant products from the UAE. As a leading manufacturer and exporter of premium quality lubricants, we have been registering a significant increase in our lubricants exports to African regions. We have updated our system to provide cost effective solutions to stand with the rising demand for all kinds and grades of lubricants in African countries,”

As a part of expansion and growth , MAG Lubricants exhibited in the Tanzania Trade Show 2015 at Mlimani Conference Centre , Dar Es Salaam in between from November 20th-22nd . The exhibition showcased foreign products ,equipment & machinery from over 20 countries.  The trade show attracted many industries across the regions and customers are keen to associate with premium quality reputed brand  from UAE pavilion.

As we had a wide range of products at competitive prices,it attracted our industrial and commercial customers to associate with us.Adding up transportation and non-transportation sectors in these regions,the use of synthethic lubricants has increased as it increase the efficiency and drain out time of vehicles which is boosting the demand for automotive accessories in the Middle East & Africa.To enhance the fuel efficiency,the lubricant industry almost replaced the traditional lubricants with innovative and newer lubricants.

We will be delighted to welcome all new customers who have joined hands with us at Tanzani Trade Show 2015.We would like to thank the event coordinators inorganising an International Trade Exhibition in Tanzania.